I am so honored to be the first person to write a testimonial for Lori’s Tiny Treasures, because we were almost the first people to bring our kids there, (the second to be exact). When I first met  Lori, I was 32 years old and had just had my second child and felt I needed to fire our babysitter.  I could not believe that I was actually looking in the newspaper for someone to care for my kids!  That was the smartest thing I ever did.  Lori was the best thing to happen to our family – we already had a babysitter that was reliable, but that was not what we were looking for.  We wanted someone to love our kids as much as we do and who would be a partner in raising our family to be the wonderful people that they are today.  Lori was everything we hoped for and more.  I actually learned some parenting skills from her! We loved her so much that we sent 9 of our nieces and nephews to her daycare, too.   I have never met anyone who loves other people’s children as much as Lori does – what more could you ask for?  Our three kids are 31, 29 and 25 now and they still love Lori and invite her to all of their occasions.  If you get a space at Tiny Treasures, you will truly be blessed.
– Joyce –

Nothing pleases us more than to know each day when we go to work our children go to a place where they are loved.  Lori (and Randy) are there when we are not. We cannot thank her (and Randy) enough for their endless love, patience, & generosity they have shown our family.  Avery, Liam, & Reid have thrived at Tiny Treasures Daycare.  Not only is Lori a daycare provider, but she is an excellent teacher too.  She has an established preschool program which prepares the children for kindergarten & guides them in developing the essential social skills needed to thrive in the classroom. The kids love showing off their projects!  Additionally, her children receive a healthy balance of learning coupled with playtime.  The kids truly believe Tiny Treasures Daycare is their home away from home.  You know the children are loved and well cared for when it requires coaxing to get them to leave “Lori’s House” and pile in the car to go home.  Thank you so much for years of love & support for our little ones!
– Rachelle –

I have had my son Clark, now 7-years old in Elementary, and my daughter Scarlett, almost 5 and about to enter Kindergarten, in Mrs. Staton’s care since June of 2004 and the week Scarlett was born.  Both children are excelling in math, reading, science and social skills, and I attribute 100% of this to the quality of care provided by Mrs. Staton.  She maintains an exceptionally organized, well run, and friendly atmosphere where learning is vital, but safety comes first.  Having had my son for the first two years of his life in three different institutional and one other in-home childcare, I can say my experience qualifies me to say Mrs. Staton’s dedication to keeping the most clean and safe environment for the kids could not be matched by any other provider.  As a parent and grandparent herself, Mrs. Staton treats each of the children as though they were her own, making each of us as parents assured they are in probably better hands than if they were with us during our workday!
– Jess and Gates –

Both of my children were with Tiny Treasures from a very young age until 1st grade.  Lori and Randy came very highly recommended to me from my neighbor and I am SO glad they had an opening when I was switching daycares.  The amount of Love and fun that goes on in that household on a daily basis is amazing.  My children always felt like each day was an adventure and I knew my children were always safe.  My children are now 11 and 13 and still love going back to Lori’s to occasionally say hi and to visit their home away from home.  In such a crazy world it is great to have such a great support system when raising your children.  I am so glad we had such a wonderful educational, loving and family oriented experience through Tiny Treasures.  They will always be a part of our lives and more importantly our children’s lives!
– Nicole –

Lori and Randy have been child care providers for our family for 3 1/2 years.  They came highly recommended to us by one of my clients whose own children had gone to Lori for several years.  Lori started watching our oldest son when he was 6 weeks old.  They now watch both our boys, our now 3 1/2 year old and our 5 month old.  They provide excellent care in a loving home environment.  Lori does an amazing job balancing the kids’ time between fun group activities, free play time, and structured preschool learning activities.  Basically she lets the kids be kids and when they’re old enough she finds fun ways to help them learn.  We never had a doubt that our kids received great care, but when our oldest son was old enough to express himself we knew for sure he was in the best place possible because he was always excited when we dropped him off and only cried when we picked him up!  He often told us he didn’t want to leave (ok, truthfully he usually screamed his head off and tried to hide from us in the play room so he wouldn’t have to leave) and on many weekends he would wake up and ask us if he could go to Lori’s.  He was always pretty bummed when we said it was Saturday and he could stay home with us!  To me that’s the best thing you can hear as a parent about your child’s daycare provider.  They are exceptional people who always go above and beyond in providing the very best care for our kids.
– Brandy & Scott –

Seriously, who can judge a daycare provider better than a grandma?

I’m a grandma.

Two of our seven grandchildren have been with Lori; once since birth and one since 18 months of age.

Lori’s home welcomes both the children and families. We consider Lori and Randy part of our family and love them. Lori’s love for the children radiates through her day through both activities specifically designed for those in attendance and in her kind but firm discipline. When the oldest of the two grandchildren experienced his first time-out……although well-deserved, I did mentally consider hiring a lawyer to investigate my “perfect” grandson’s behavioral consequence!!!!!!!!!!!!……….he understood what he had done, why he shouldn’t, and the consequence was effective. No lawyer needed!

Both children are now in elementary school, excelling because of Lori’s early learning habits that include advocating for one’s self, paying attention, being polite, helping, believing in the excitement of each day, curiosity, hands-on discovery, waiting with confidence for one’s turn, and academics that had these two children all but reading before Kindergarten. Circle time was a favorite of both children.

I often snapped photos of the projects Lori designed (ask to see her “cow” that actually produces MILK!!!!!) and sent them to teachers who borrowed the ideas.

I took these two to their dentist this past week and my granddaughter picked up a book in the waiting area, proudly say, “Lori read us this!” I asked her what she remembered. She said, “Don’t be afraid. Mommy will be back!” We read the book there and she was right!

My grandson was in three daycares prior to Lori’s. While I only had been to the daycares on rare occasion, I cried when I left each. He was quiet, shy, and just plain sad. His parents were wonderful about attempting to find just the right place of nurturing. Lori’s was just the right place.

I hate recommending Tiny Treasures as I keep hoping that my daughter and her husband just might need Lori’s love again someday for another (grand)child so I don’t want Lori to be full and not be able to take another one!!!!!!!!! If that ever happens, move over world as my grandchildren WILL be Lori loved.
– Mary –

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