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Finishing our trip to the Arctic!

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Today we had our visit from our Library Lady Miss Katherine!  She is a wonderful woman that volunteers her time 1 time a month to read to us!  We are pretty lucky!  Miss Courtney was her as well helping  with therapy!

image image image

We are finishing up the Arctic for our work today, I precolored the seals in my picture with a white crayon. Then they used water color over the whole picture keeping the seals white. This is the page I used to print on Cardstock.    Harp Seal Coloring Page

We put 1 seal by the igloo, from 123learningcurriculum, and then we made this cute little seal.  Got the idea from this site: Seal Craft

image image

It has been a while!

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We are back!  This week we are finishing up Arctic Animals.

We have several Arctic animal books, but I didn’t have this one-Mama Do you Love Me?  So we watched it here: c 

We talked about the Iditarod and watched this short clip:

Here is the other work we did today!

a number 1 page from 123learningcurriculum (I joined for only $30 a year)

We also made a dog sled  and an Eskimo.

Sled and


I copied them each at 50% and copied 2 dogs

Eskimo Craft from:

Penguins, Polar Animals and some other fun activities!

image image






We Are Cleaning Up Our World!

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Today we are going on an Earth Walk, but more importantly we will be cleaning up as we go!

We are using  for our printable work today, and then watching….


MRF Man!  This awesome video was done with our awesome cousin and the kids love it, so check it out!


This one is Peppa Pig, so it is appropriate for all ages:


We made super capes for today, since we can all be heroes!


The Chicks are Hatching!

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Here is the link to our Hatching Chicks!


Here are their predictions for their colors:

4 Black  1 Orange

1 Black   2 Blue    1 Green and 1 Orange

5 Yellow (he really said 8 and there are only 5!)

1 Black   4 Pink and Purple

1 Black   1 Yellow   1 White   1 Orange  and 1 Red

The Jacket I Wear In the Snow

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We read the Jacket I Wear today, and discussed if we wear all those things to play outside.  NO!  It would be too hot!

We also read the Hat and the Mitten.  We will do the Mitten the rest of the week, but we are working on the letter J.

We did a jacket I just picked off of Google ( I copy and pasted the one I wanted in a document and printed it)  and painted it with water colors, we did a file folder shadow matching game for everyone, and we did another matching game.  I was impressed the kids noticed the colors weren’t right on the worksheet!

We did it anyway!


Tuesday, we did J is for Jar, Juice, and Jacket on here:  twisty

and we did Can you draw my other mitten?  on

and we finished by making a puzzle.  ( It’s down on section #5 Winter )  We didn’t do it the way they suggested, and we cut them a part and

made a simple puzzle, talking about the things we wear outside.


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Today was our last official snowman day.  I still have one I wanted to do, but we’ll try and fit it in next week.

Today we read:  The Snow Child, and The Hungry Snowman and of course, Sneezy the Snowman!  I love the Snow Child because I think Barbara Lavallee is a beautiful illustrator.  You know the 1/2 faces with 2 colors?  I even have a doll of hers.  I also love the Hungry Snowman because he is hungry and comes inside, steals food, and gets tired one night and melts, so he decides to go into the refrigerator to cool down.  He gets caught, and apologizes for stealing food, and promises never to do it again when the boy goes outside every day to feed him.  Good lesson on just taking things, and it is a fun way to talk about melting!

Today we made snowmen out of socks.  They are all taking a nap with them, or I would take a picture!  I did the one I found here:  .  I used round button eyes from Walmart, sewing them on the littles, and then glueing them with a glue gun on the bigs.  I cut noses our of orange  fleece and they picked scarves of their choice.  They had fun filling them with a funnel, and they turned out simple and cute!  Had a hard time finding an all while sock, but found them as the largest size ladies crew socks by Faded Glory at Walmart.  you can get just about everything you ever need at Walmart!

We did our Clifford My Big World today since it was on sneezing and spreading germs.  We sang the alphabet song while washing our hands and talked about poor Sneezy the Snowman.

Our last page was a numeral page found on  I love her quality worksheets, and they are so colorful!  Can’t find the exact one I chose, but she has many math activities to choose from.

Have a great weekend and we’ll be back with the Letter J, the Jacket I wear in the snow, and the Mitten.




It’s a Snowman!

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We played a fun Snowman Says game.  I lot of things were for Christmas, but I saved snow and snowmen for Jan., so this game was a fun Circle Time Activity.

We talked about sequencing and melting.  This was the activity to go along with the discussion.

Here is the hat pattern for our painting project for today!  I just cut off the Merry Christmas and reprinted it and let them color it, and then we used glitter and glue on the snowflake.

DSCN9894 DSCN9895

We made a melted snowman after talking about all that melting!

I also printed the counting snowmen for tomorrow, since they are on the site.  I laminated them and we will use them at Circle Time the rest of the week.



Tuesday and Wednesday Snow and Ice

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We read: The Missing Mitten Mystery and A Silly Snowy Day.

Activities:  W page-  and here is the link

Trace the Snowflake-

and QTip Snowflakes at


Today is Wednesday and we read:  The Big Snowball, and Geraldine’s Big Snow

We repeat our Fingerplay from Monday everyday, and the same with Sneezy the Snowman!

We did a melting Ice experiment from totally tots and it looked like this:


We made predictions, and we found out that the ice in water and the Ice with Salt were the first to melt.  One of the kids thought the sugar wold work, and the others thought the water would work the fastest.  It was a fun and easy experiment, and it had been so icy this morning, I had put Icy Melt out on the front porch and drive.  It was a practical experiment for the day!

We colored this cute little book Color the Snowflake again from 3 Dinosaurs.

The Paper Plate Snowman were a hit, especially because they used their arm and hands for the scarves!

Here’s 3 of them, forgot to take a picture with all of them!


Here is the Build A Snowman I made a couple of years ago.  Still a hit! Nora made one for us!  I have buttons for him too, but didn’t have them out today.  Thanks Nora!



It’s a New Year!

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We are back and I think everyone is healthy or at least back on track!  It was a really rough month of December, so it’s nice to start out fresh!

We will be talking about Winter, Snow and the Stock Show.  Love all of these themes, so lets start with Monday!

Today we talked about the letter W and checked out the waffle, walrus, whale, wheel, and wheelbarrow in our letter box.

We read:  Stella Queen of the Snow, Look! Snow!, and Sneezy the Snowman.  I LOVE Sneezy, and we will be doing a couple of things with this adorable book this week.

We did Five Little Snowmen:

Five Little Snowmen

Five little snowmen playing in the snow,

(hold up five fingers)

The first one said, “Feel the winter wind blow.”

(hold up one finer, then move hands like wind.)

The second one said, “Let’s play and play and play.”

(hold up two fingers, then pretend to run.)

The third one said, “Yes, it’s cold today.”

(hold up three fingers, then hug self)

The fourth one said, “Winter’s a wonderful thing.”

(hold up four fingers, then hold out hands and smile)

The firth one said, “Yeah, who needs spring?”

(hold up five fingers, then push hand away from body)

Then out came the sun and its warmth could be felt,

(hold arms in circle over head)

And the five little snowmen knew they had to melt.

(pretend to melt)

For our work we did made a W headband from Teachers pay teachers and


DSCN0535then did an Answer the Question Match from

Last but now least we made a Dauber Snowman from DLTK.  We used the sticker dots I have, so no daubers this time!





Pumpkin Patch Fun!

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We go to Anderson Farm every year and this year was no exception!  We LOVE that place, so here’s a few pics from the day.

DSCN0636  DSCN0637  DSCN0638  DSCN0640

DSCN0644  DSCN0647  DSCN0650  DSCN0670

DSCN0823 IMG_8326 DSCN0826 DSCN0830 DSCN0813 DSCN0817 DSCN0772   DSCN0891  DSCN0836  DSCN0760