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The Last Chick!

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We still have 1 more late bloomer trying to hatch, so check it out!  Then we will put the camera on the chicks so you can see them!


Round 2!

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The Chicks are hatching and they might be a day early again, so wanted you to be able to watch at home!  Here is the link and there are 5 eggs in the incubator.


The Chicks Are Hatching!!

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Wanted to send a link to let parents and friends watch our chicks hatch.  All four pipped yesterday, and they are working their way out today!  It is so exciting we just have to share!

log in and see what’s happening!  There are a few tweaks we need to do later this morning, but we don’t want you to miss anything!


What Is a Snowflake?

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Today started an experiment to make a snowflake!  Here are some  pics of the day, our work and some fun time!

image  image

image image







A Giant Mitten

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Today We all read The MITTEN by Jan Brett and got in a BIG Mitten!  Here are some pictures from our day along with our work.

Winter Hokey Pokey

Read: The Mitten by Jan Brett

Or watch here

The mitten


Mitten Craft

W is for:

Mitten tracing prewriting page

Our Final Day!

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Our Final Day!

Had such fun with our Cowboy and Stock Show theme!  Today we ended with singing around the campfire, roping the horses, and bull riding!  Finished our day with the campfire and snack!  Ride em’ Cowboys!













image image


Tomorrow is our last day for the Wild, Wild West!

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Stock Show, Snow, S, 5, Blue, Circle
Pick a Circle Time a Activity

Read or listen to Are You A Horse?

Armadillo Rodeo

Armadilly Chili

Armadillo Facts

Armadillo Craft

Lasso rope printable
Add 5 armadillos
Copy page and paste on a document- size so 5 fit in the rope

Coloring page
Read Cactus Hotel

Cactus Craft
Or use a fork or tooth picks

Circle (color all the circles blue)

Emergent reader and/or who lives inside a cactus


Rope a Bull

Camp and have Cowboy Food

Make a bull craft


Here is a picture of a couple of today’s projects modeled by the adorable Hudson!


Ride Em’ Cowboy (and girl)!

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Busy couple of days trying to get all of our work done!

Here was my schedule!  I change up the horse to use the pool noodles I bought for this in the summer, and they turned out super cute!

image image

Pool Noodle Horse

I let my grand daughter take hers home yesterday, so there is one missing in the group!  Love the horses since they are super light and the furniture and friends still aren’t beat up!  I used the DollarTree ribbons for the mane and store bought Google eyes for the older kids, and made felt for the Littles.  Craft foam for ears and a jump rope from the 4 packs from Walmart.  I shortened the jump ropes and left the handles.  I was really happy with how they turned out and took just a few minutes a horse.

Read or listen to Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On

Discuss with your students that a cowboy’s dress is determined by need and not by looks.
Hat -shields eyes from the sun; used to drink water from a creek or river; used as a pillow
Bandana – keeps dust out of his eyes; used to blindfold a horse so it does not get “spooked”
Boots – the high heels keep feet in the stirrups; the high sides keep dirt off of feet and helps protect legs against snakebites
Spurs – used to urge a horse forward
Chaps – protect legs
Rope – used to lasso stray cows

Cowboy/girl boot

Decorate a paper one, a bought one or a piece of ripped muslin.

Cowboy Emergent Reader


Cowboy Hat Game
Get a cowboy hat and a deck of playing cards. Have the students sit at a prescribed distance and try to toss the cards into the hat. Add the numbers up on the cards that do go into the hat for the student’s score OR count the number of cards that actually went into the hat for their score.

Make a Cowboy Hat
Decorate a bought one (USToy or Dollar Tree) or make a headband hat.

Make a Horse

O is for Oval (Page of choice)

Yeeeee Haw!

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Started  the stock show this week and we read Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse. Love this book!

We then watched Cowboy Small.

Cowboy Small video

We also did this fun little diddy!
I’m a Little Cowpoke
(tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little cowpoke (point to self)
Here is my hat (point to hat)
Here are my spurs (point to heels)
And here are my chaps (pat legs)

As soon as I get up (stretch, pretend to wake up)
I work all day (pretend to lasso a cow)
I get on my horse (pretend to get on a horse)
And ride away (pretend to gallop on a horse)

Adding some of the other projects of the day!

Shadow matching

Make a cowboy puppet

We also made an Ox Page