Ride Em’ Cowboy (and girl)!

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Busy couple of days trying to get all of our work done!

Here was my schedule!  I change up the horse to use the pool noodles I bought for this in the summer, and they turned out super cute!

image image

Pool Noodle Horse

I let my grand daughter take hers home yesterday, so there is one missing in the group!  Love the horses since they are super light and the furniture and friends still aren’t beat up!  I used the DollarTree ribbons for the mane and store bought Google eyes for the older kids, and made felt for the Littles.  Craft foam for ears and a jump rope from the 4 packs from Walmart.  I shortened the jump ropes and left the handles.  I was really happy with how they turned out and took just a few minutes a horse.

Read or listen to Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On

Discuss with your students that a cowboy’s dress is determined by need and not by looks.
Hat -shields eyes from the sun; used to drink water from a creek or river; used as a pillow
Bandana – keeps dust out of his eyes; used to blindfold a horse so it does not get “spooked”
Boots – the high heels keep feet in the stirrups; the high sides keep dirt off of feet and helps protect legs against snakebites
Spurs – used to urge a horse forward
Chaps – protect legs
Rope – used to lasso stray cows

Cowboy/girl boot

Decorate a paper one, a bought one or a piece of ripped muslin.

Cowboy Emergent Reader


Cowboy Hat Game
Get a cowboy hat and a deck of playing cards. Have the students sit at a prescribed distance and try to toss the cards into the hat. Add the numbers up on the cards that do go into the hat for the student’s score OR count the number of cards that actually went into the hat for their score.

Make a Cowboy Hat
Decorate a bought one (USToy or Dollar Tree) or make a headband hat.

Make a Horse

O is for Oval (Page of choice)

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