Buttons Come and Buttons Go!

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Today it was Pete the Cat and His 4 Groovy Buttons!  Love this book, I think it’s my favorite of the series.  I love:

“Did Pete cry?

Goodness, no!

Buttons come and buttons go.”

We played the Subtraction Game on my website, but we did it with rolling a dice and did addition instead.  I have some littles, and I want them

to play as well, so they don’t even have to add them up, they can just collect them on their T shirt.


I found the different shaped basic color pack at Joann Crafts, and had a coupon, but saw them at Walmart as well.  They both also have the large colored ones for

the sorting game I am doing tomorrow.

We did a Number One Worksheet and glued a button in the jar after coloring and writing the number 1.

We did the What Will I Wear Today? books, and simply colored them, and I filled in the color of the clothing they chose.

Lastly we made a button necklace, lacing buttons and cut straws on pipe cleaners, and then I added a second one to their project since they wanted a necklace and not a bracelet.





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