T is for Truck!

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With 5 boys and 1 girls, go figure they would LOVE trucks at our house!  Today we are doing a What Begins with T? page from kidzone, and they have to draw a line from the turtle to the item that starts with T.  We also did a great book of Trucks from kidssoup and if you aren’t a member, it’s well worth joining!  There are about a dozen trucks to color for this book, and they love all the different kinds:  trash, mail, dump, crane, fire, and many more!  We did a T Is For Truck writing page, so we will know how to make a T when we are done with our day!  We also made a simple shape truck using a triangle, square, rectangle, and circles!



Here’s our pictures for the day!

Truck book!

Trash Trucks with shapes and wheels out of milk bottle lids!

T is for Truck!


I ate all my peaches, green beans, and sloppy joe Mommy and Daddy!

Lunch with the Littles!


Best Buds!

Loving spring!

T is for Truck!


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