My rates are incredibly competitive, but your child will always receive first-rate care.

For specific rates, please contact me at 303-794-7278 or loritinytreasures@yahoo.com.



Monday-Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

If you drop-off or pick-up before or after these scheduled hours, you will be charged a late fee. The late fee will be as follows: I will charge an overtime rate of $10.00 per every 15 minutes that you are late, unless it is prearranged. Then the fee will be $5.00 per every 15 minutes. This late fee is per child. This is to assure that children are picked up on time.

In the event that Littleton Schools close due to weather, I will close also. If this occurs during operatinghours, I will notify you for the pick-up of your child/children. Please make arrangements to pick-up your child as soon as possible. Weather conditions will be considered in your promptness. In the event that your child is left in my care after the scheduled closing time, and after I have exhausted all efforts to contact you or your child’s emergency contacts, I will notify the Arapahoe County of Social Services or the Arapahoe County Police. I will continue to provide care and food until the child is released from my home.

These applications aren't insurance policies plus they don't supply full-coverage, however they are a sildenafil from canada providers that are restricted.