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I started my home childcare business in 1981, when my own son, Tyler, was born. I had been working in childcare centers for 4 ½ years and had decided not to return when he was born. I did not like the ratio of teachers to children and the care the children received in the centers, so I decided to “be my own boss” and do quality childcare for other children and my own. I was working toward my degree in college before my children were born, so I have several early childhood and elementary education classes. I take continuing classes to keep my license current and to keep myself at the top of my profession. I am married to Randy, who is my back up when I am away for an appointment. He is an important addition when you consider the lack of good male role models for children. Our sons are both married and have grown up to be successful men who married amazing women. We are so proud of the people they have become, and we credit our home childcare for a part of that. We have 3 grandchildren and hope to watch them carry on the love of the family childcare. I started childcare because of my love for my own children and others. I love my profession and am proud to be a home childcare provider.



University Blvd & E. County Line Rd Centennial, CO 80122

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